Organic Farmers Co. is committed to providing nutritious products, cultivated in an ethical & socially responsible manner, within a sustainable ecosystem that benefits everybody involved.


Organic Farmers Co. is founded on the premise that food is fundamental to life, and natural, healthy, delicious food can make life better for all of us. By working directly with small-scale farmers, helping them to institute Fair Trade & Organic practices while assisting them in improving quality of food & life, we’re creating a holistically beneficial supply chain.

Our values extend to the fields of flora & fauna: we adopt an ethical & social conscience in all our processes to minimize environmental impact & maximize sustainability. Our products are grown organically; cultivated and processed in a more ecologically sustainable way and naturally good for one’s health. Organic Farmers Co. strives to facilitate a healthier lifestyle for the urban individual by providing the well being & nutrients that the body needs.

Our Team


Yash & Shaan Agarwal are the brothers behind Organic Farmers Co. Yash worked as a banker in New York & Supply Chain Consultancy of Luxury Products in Europe, before moving back to India to become involved with the local craft & agriculture industries. He has done extensive artisan development work as part of the Rajasthan Craft Council, and is the co-founder of Jaipur Modern, a concept store & restaurant serving organic health food & artisanal products. Yash & Shaan are both very much interested in food & nutrition; Shaan has experience in marketing and product design. The idea for OFC began with a desire to work directly with farmers to create products of serious integrity at an international standard. The entire farm shelf process is managed directly by the founders at every step.

Chief Farming Officers

Small-scale farmers make all of our products. We work intimately with them and the land to ensure that the highest quality ingredients and the most innovative farming techniques are employed. This results in harvests of high quality, organic food that is nutritious and ethically grown.

Community Processing Partners

Our hand sorting, washing and dehulling processes are undertaken by household women of the village. This encourages skill development and resource building, women’s empowerment and all round community development for the village.

Organic Fertilizer Partner

With an extensive, high-quality, organic product range of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, Biostadt India Ltd has been serving the Indian farming community for over two decades. They assist us by co-training our farmers in organic farming practices and processes as well as with organic nutrients such as bio-germs, seaweed extracts and root stimulators, which form the basis of our crop diet.

Mother Nature & Our Farms

All of our crops are currently cultivated in the state of Rajasthan, specifically the areas of Chomu, Jaisalmer, Bikaner & Hanumangarh; where although water is scarce, the soil is rich with minerals and untouched for the most part.
The sun and moon provide the rays required for natural photosynthesis. Hydration for our crops is provided by the clouds, harvested ground water and the Indira Gandhi Canal, which brings water to some of the most arid regions of the desert state, encouraging agriculture in these drought-prone but emerging farming belts.
We are continuously exploring innovative ways of farming to maximize nutrition and minimize environmental impact in all our processes.
We are also experimenting with alternative super-grains in our R&D farms in Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar & Bhutan.

Core Values

Organic Growth

Our harvests are cultivated during prescribed seasons with the help of the sun & the stars and without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We continue to sow & harvest using traditional techniques with a modern outlook on process and sustainability.

Artisanal Process

From farm to fork, we believe in quality over quantity. We have a deep reliance on our team to ensure each batch is personally inspected, correctly processed using the right mix of hand and machine processes to make your food nourishing, healthy and wholesome.

Naturally Enriched

We use bio-germs and seaweed extract fertilizers, harvested rainwater and mother nature to cultivate our crops. The use of high-quality, organic nutrients and innovative farming methods ensures a completely natural and nutritious product, every time.

Socially Just

Our customers enjoy the opportunity to buy foods that follow the highest benchmarks of fair-trade standards & social responsibility, all the while focusing on manual processes to sustain communities in villages, thereby creating a support system and alternative income for rural families.

Reliably Delicious

We are committed to guaranteeing organic & social integrity at every link in the supply chain, thereby guaranteeing high quality, delicious and responsibly harvested products

Total Transparency

We are committed to organic & social integrity at every link in the supply chain, thereby guaranteeing high quality, delicious and responsibly harvested products.



Food & shelter are basic rights for each star born on our planet. Organic Farmers Co. partners with malnutrition programs across the Indian subcontinent to supply nourishing products to enrich the meals of children deprived of basic nutrition. Proceeds from every Organic Farmers Co. product sold go towards enriching a star; you buy one, we feed one.

Collectively, we must do everything in our power to help eradicate world hunger. In order to do so, it’s time to rethink how we grow, share and consume our food. At OFC, we support the UN Zero Hunger goal: to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition by promoting sustainable agriculture.


In early 2015 – With the grace of His Majesty, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck; The fifth and reigning Druk Gyalpo or “Dragon King” of the Kingdom of Bhutan, Organic Farmers Co. commissioned a R&D project in the Kingdom with a donation from our seed bank to test out prospects of Quinoa cultivation in Bhutan. The whole country is certified organic as they do not allow import of any fertilizers and is probably one of the purest places on earth. The idea for this project is to provide quinoa as a grain to the people to alleviate malnutrition and other diseases such as cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes etc, which has become prevalent in the lower socio-economic sectors of society in Bhutan. Our combined aim is to cultivate quinoa and provide it free of cost from the Kingdom and OFC’s side to the people who are not able to gain the required nutrition from their current meal sources.

Re-Cycle, Re-Use, Re-Think!

OFC urges its consumers to re-think their lifestyles with regards to environmental impact, carbon footprint & sustainability. We strive to minimize our impact and improve sustainability in all our processes, from farming to processing, packaging to sales.
Our packaging is made from recycled paper & plastic, and our boxes are hand pasted by artisans in Jaipur, not made by machines. Thereby creating another vertical for employment and community development.
We believe in creating a sustainable planet and that movement must start from within.
Kindly re-use the plastic inner for carrying your snacks once the packet has been consumed. The box can be used to wrap a gift or sending a package to a loved one.
We are on course to achieving total biodegradable packaging by 2017. We work with one of the premier packaging companies and are developing a biodegradable pouch with a BOPP film, which will be the future of environmentally friendly packaging. This is our commitment to our planet.

Quality Assurance

Being artisanal doesn’t stop us from maintaining internationally accepted quality standards. In fact, it is our core strength & pride to be able to mix the best of artisanal & machine processes to achieve maximum nutrition and delicious taste quality.

We are certified in our processes by the International Accreditation Forum, Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment Bodies, ROHS & Dubai Accreditation Council, for the following standards:

Our Partners

Restaurant Partners

  1. The Sassy Spoon Mumbai
  2. Eat Kaboom Mumbai
  3. Saboro Mumbai
  4. The Pantry Mumbai
  5. The Kitchen @ Jaipur Modern

Retail Partners

  1. Food Hall India
  2. Le Marche Delhi & Gurgaon


Organic Farmers Co. is my all time favourite​ brand for all quinoa products, especially their quinoa pops and trail mixes. They have some great quality quinoa products which you must try.

Neha Chandna

Dietician & Nutrition Educator
I love Organic Farmers Co's range of quinoa products. It's a conscious company with a focus on health, quality and sustainability which ultimates in great value for any chef or home cook. My favourite product is their quinoa pops - they're like healthy, savoury sprinkles!

Karishma Sakhrani

Chef, MasterChef India 4 Finalist, Health Coach
Quinoa is a very healthy and tasty addition to our daily diet. Quinoa is good for people with diabetes as It has a low GI index and is rich in nutrition. The product range is quite innovative and I especially like the quinoa pops and pasta. Highly recommended.

Dr. Gaurav Beswal

Consultant in Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases at Sir HN Reliance Hospital, Mumbai


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